Plakat: World is too beautiful to let it burn

Erasmus+ C6 world

Creativity, Culture and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change

The project is a collaboration between five European countries. The purpose is to raise awareness among young people and youth about the challenges we face due to climate change and educate them about healthy and sustainable lifestyle via creative, engaging and practical methods such as handbooks, e-learning, workshops, exhibitions.

“My thesis gained momentum because of the hands-on skills I learned during my week with C6 in Copenhagen. Being present in a group of people like this will enrichen you with useful perspectives from all ages, gender, and nationalities.”

Target group is young people in the age of 18 to 29 years old, individuals, youth clubs and NGOs of young people within this age. We arrange various projects, initiatives and activities.

The project consortium consists of six partners from five countries (Denmark, Italy, Norway, UK, and Sweden) – SixtyEight Art Institute, People of 2050, CasermArcheologica, Norwegian Climate Network, Worldview Impact Foundation and Earthbanc. The partnership is made up of non-profit organizations, associations and SME.

Read more about C6 world on the projects own website.

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