Nedtellingens dystre logikk …

Det er for sent for pessimisme, men altfor tidlig for optimisme. Andrew Simms i Guardian er som vanlig ikke veldig lystig lesning, heller ikke når tema er Cancun.

«The prospect for global temperature rises of 4C are explored in a new collection of research papers published by the Royal Society. But, in one paper, according to Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research at the University of Manchester, the impacts related to a rise of just half that are so bad, «that 2C now represents the threshold [of] extremely dangerous climate change».

This is the problem. Once the planet warms to the point where environmental changes that further add to warming feed off each other, it becomes almost meaningless to specify just how much warmer the planet may get. You’ve toppled the first domino and it becomes virtually impossible to stop the following chain of events. Honestly, nobody really knows exactly where that will end, but they do know it will end very, very badly.»

For en (muligens berettiget) alarmists begrunnelser – les første artikkel i Simms nedtellingsserie






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